Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Third Letter to the SPLC

Letter #3

Law Office of Scott Douglas Lively
PO Box 2373, Springfield, MA 01101

October 18, 2008

Mr. Mark Potok
Southern Poverty Law Center
400 Washington AvenueMontgomery, AL 36104

Dear Mr. Potok,

Thank you for your reply to my letter of October 1.

With inflammatory “hate crime” rhetoric and legislation advancing across the nation, and your organization being perceived by many to be the leading “independent” source of information about so-called anti-“gay” hate groups, your refusal to remove my organization from your list of these groups is exposing my organization and me personally to increasing harm.

So far, to my knowledge, we have suffered only damage to our reputations. I want to be removed from this list before we suffer something more serious.

Please tell me why you listed us in the first place and what specifically we must do to be removed from the list.


Dr. Scott Lively
President, Abiding Truth Ministries

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  1. Mr Lively,
    from Vatikanistan,pardon, Italy :when people like You will be six feet under,world will be a better place.Amen